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By wearing this logo, I hope that people will ask you about the town and the place that we call home. The magic of this place is not only the natural landscape, but also the people in the community. May you find comfort in this collection, just as this area provides each of us.

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About Us

Sun Bern NC has joined the ever growing town of New Bern, North Carolina as the city's only retailer geared exclusively toward beachwear. Sun Bern carries products that are practical for life here in Eastern North Carolina and have longevity. You can anticipate classic styles that will serve your needs if you are cruising the Neuse River, adventuring along the Intracoastal waterway or hitting the beaches of the Southern Outer Banks. The business model of Sun Bern is intentionally designed to serve the community by providing intentional products, and not to generate an excess of products. I hope you find joy and usefulness in what you see here. Best, Page L. (Owner of Sun Bern NC)

Upcoming Events

Sun Bern NC and Le Petit Bisou are hosting our Grand Opening celebration Tuesday, March 19th from 1-6. There will be a ceremonious ribbon cutting at 5pm. We hope to see you there.